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Business Security Cameras


Get answers to the business security camera questions everyone is asking.

Does the property need to provide power and internet?

If you would like a hard wired power connection, the property will need to provide power. However, DEETUR Security offers solar solutions that are highly effective in many situations.


DEETUR Security also offers internet via T-Mobile LTE. The property is able to use any existing internet - provided we have access via a hard wired connection.

Do you lease or sell the cameras?

For our fixed cameras we offer purchase and lease options. For our deployable equipment, such as Security Trailers or DT “On the Go”, we offer a lease option.

Do you have to install the equipment to monitor it?

As long as you have all relevant login information and an internet connection, we can monitor any cameras from our command center.

What is the most common type of crime you deal with?

The majority we deal with is trespassing and vagrancy. Our solutions are the best in the market for deterring and in most cases completely stopping this kind of activity.

Do your cameras have motion detection?

Our cameras come equipped with a variety of powerful Artificial Intelligence parameters. Motion detection is faulty and inconsistent. Our cameras use precision tuned AI that will best suit your community and property. From line cross, to human and vehicle detection, we have a long list of specific AI that keeps your community safe.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 30 day labor warranty on anything we install. If anything goes wrong in the first 30 days, we will be out to fix it at no cost to you, barring acts of nature or vandalism. Our equipment comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty, so after the 30 days if anything malfunctions we will replace it at no additional material cost to you. You only pay our service call fee, which is $150 for the truck roll and first hour, and $75/hr for any additional hour. Most service calls are taken care of within an hour.

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